What does it take to become a Certified Professional Coder?

The first step is to enroll in a PMCC classroom based course. The student will learn to abstract diagnosis and procedure codes to maximize reimbursement for their physicians. The PMCC has designed a definitive program of study that is aimed at providing the most up-to-date information relating to CPT and ICD-10-CM procedural and diagnostic coding.

Chapters include medical terminology, anatomy overviews, with CPT and ICD-10-CM coding issues organized in a way that is consistent with the most current American Medical Association's Physicians Current Procedural Terminology. The course also includes end-of-chapter review questions to enhance comprehension of the material covered. Students who are serious about becoming a Certified Professional Coder must take advantage of the PMCC program by enrolling and giving themselves the best opportunity for success.

Student will require a strong amount of self discipline and dedication to learning and perfecting their skills as a medical coder. Please plan on allowing approximately six to eight hours of home study time per week.

Sessions Beginning
Winter 2018

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