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Advanced Coding Services, fully accredited leaders in Coding and Medical Billing education, presents The ABC’s of Healthcare “Coding in the Big Apple”

Earn 15 CEU’s in one weekend by attending our AAPC approved retreat “Coding in the Big Apple”, Mirror Lake Retreat Center, 64 White Dr, Milan, NY 12571

You will not want to miss this weekend of education, coding fun, networking, and relationship building with leaders in the industry!

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Coding in the Big Apple, Continuing Education Retreat
Retreat Agenda

Coding and Medical Billing continuing education

Friday September 23rd

  • Check-in Friday Sept 23rd, 4:00-6:00PM
  • Dinner 6:00 PM / Networking, Open Discussion

Saturday September 24th

  •  Leadership and Personal Growth – Rev. Mark Kehrer
  • Anesthesia Techniques and coding – Laura Mc Neill, MD and Mary Garuccio, ACS-AN, CANPC, CPMA, CPC, Fellow
  • Ortho – Ruby O’Brochta-Woodward, BSN, CPC, CPMA, COSC, CSFAC, CPB, RCC
  • Medicare advantage plans – Karlene Dittrich, CBCS, CPC, CPMA, CECCS 
  • Split/Shared Services – Brenda Edwards, CPC, CDEO, CPB, CPMA, CPC-I, CEMC, CRC, CPMS, CMCS, CMRS
  • Anatomy Expo

Sunday September 25th

  • Code of Ethics, Not just for AAPC – Beth Schleeper, COC, CPC, CPCO, CDEO, CPB, CPMA, CPPM, CRC, CPC-I, CEMC, CANPC, CEMA
  • Professionalism – Maria Rita (Rita) Genovese, CPC, PCS
  • HIPPAA Privacy and Me – Chris Chapman, CPC and Karlene Dittrich, CBCS, CPC, CPMA, CECCS
  • Compliance – Rhonda Zollars Ellison, COC, CPC, AAPC Approved Instructor
  • 2023 E & M Updates – Pam Vanderbilt, CPC, CPMA, CPPM, CPC-I, CEMC, CDEO, CPB, CFPC, CRC, CPEDC, CEMA

Know your Instructors

Beth Schleeper, CEO, Advanced Coding Services, ABC's of Healthcare, Coding by the Lake

Beth Schleeper

CEO/Instructor & Medical Billing and Coding expert. COC, CPC, CPCO, CDEO, CPB, CPMA, CPPM, CRC, CPC-I, CEMC, CEMA

Beth is globally recognized as a medical billing and coding expert with over 28 years of experience in the medical billing and coding industry. She is the CEO of the nationally renowned Advanced Coding Services located in Phoenix, AZ.

Beth has spent a lifetime in the medical billing, coding and medical consulting industry. Prior to owning Advanced Coding Services, Beth and her late father owned and operated TNT Consulting, one of the largest celebrated medical billing coding firms helping medical practices in and throughout the USA. The TNT Consulting organization is still in operation today.

Karlene Dittrich, Instructor, Advanced Coding Services, ABC's of Healthcare, Coding by the Lake

Karlene Dittrich

Karlene Dittrich, CBCS, CPC, CMPA, CECCS is the CEO and founder of MedRevenue Solutions LLC, a unique healthcare advocate company that provides Complex Claims Recovery and Advanced ERISA/PPACA Appeal Services, as well as Denial Management Consulting Services. With over 35 years in various healthcare revenue cycle management positions, Karlene has spent much of her career assisting healthcare business offices assess and address complex insurance reimbursement issues.

Pam Vanderbilt, Instructor, Advanced Coding Services, ABC's of Healthcare, Coding by the Lake

Pam Vanderbilt

Pam Vanderbilt, CPC, CPMA, CPPM, CPC-I, CEMC, CDEO, CPB, CEMA, AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM Trainer.

Pam brings more than two decades experience in auditing and revenue cycle analysis. Her enthusiasm as a speaker is infectious, and participants gain powerful insights from her hands-on experience. Having analyzed documentation for thousands of encounters, Pam teaches the importance of documenting in a manner that conveys the complexity of the provider’s work and equips the auditor with the skills to recognize that complexity.

Rhonda Zollars, Instructor, Advanced Coding Services, ABC's of Healthcare, Coding by the Lake

Rhonda Zollars

 COC, CPC an ACS instructor, holds the position of Medical Coding Manager for Arizona State.

Rhonda has been in the healthcare field since 1988. Her career started as a medical assistant. In 2000 she moved to Arizona and worked on the private side until she took a position with The State of Arizona Medicaid. Rhonda became a Certified Coder in May 2005. Rhonda spent almost 5 years auditing the Medicaid health plans. Rhonda then moved into another position working for the Arizona State Medicaid OIG. Rhonda loved working there and auditing the BAD actors. Rhonda was there about 5 years and now in her current position with The State of Arizona Medicaid as the Medical Coding Manager. Rhonda has held many positions at her local AAPC Chapter. Rhonda’s favorite subject is Fraud, Waste and Abuse but speaks on many topics. She firmly believes in keeping informed and learning.

Chris Chapman, Instructor, Advanced Coding Services, ABC's of Healthcare, Coding by the Lake

Chris Chapman

Chris Chapman, CPC

Chris Chapman is the owner and founder of Office Plex Solutions, an innovative company that
provides solutions to help practices, and revenue cycle teams meet the technical challenges involving security compliance associated with the healthcare industry and payer platforms.

Chris has incorporated his computer of science skills with healthcare compliance and coding certifications to develop an advanced appeal system that addresses claims that are not paid properly.

Along with his technical skills, Chris exercises his CPC certification to bill and offer compliance supported insurance solutions for
surgical assistants working in a unique and struggling market. He has a strong background in the implementation, development, and maintaining of Information Technology and Security systems inside and outside the insurance and healthcare industry for over 10 years.

As a speaker, Chris enjoys a casual, interactive, and fun environment where questions and discussions with the audience are always welcome.

Ruby Woodward, Instructor, Advanced Coding Services, Coding by the Sea

Ruby Woodward

Ruby Woodward, comes with over 47 years of experience in the medical arena starting as an
orthopedic nurse. She served a dual role in nursing and coding for nearly 30 years transitioning into the business aspect of medicine in early 2000. She has spoken nationally on various coding and reimbursement issues as well as having contributed to numerous articles. Currently she is the Coding Supervisor at Consulting Radiologists. She keeps active consulting for several orthopedic groups. Ruby’s areas of expertise include coding, documentation, policy interpretation, education, data quality, appeals and denials. Ruby is passionate about orthopedics particularly foot and ankle and enjoys sharing that passion with others. Ruby believes chapters and education are the heart and foundation of AAPC and considers it a privilege to be given the opportunity to provide education to the members. Ruby is a past
board member of the AAPCCA including Board Chair 2018-2019.

Why attend Coding in the Big Apple?

You will not want to miss this weekend!

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